Evolution vs Progression

“Still remember a stage production I saw a couple of decades ago. Nothing before or since has impressed me so much; One particular scene was a representation of an Aboriginal campfire, complete with clap sticks and didgeridoo; I truly felt I was experiencing something from our real, ancient past.
Far more real than anything the Abrahamic gods can emulate.”

Ok, this is something I stumbled upon on Amazon while looking at a book. Granted, I don’t believe in evolution in the first place, as a Christian, but this kind of made me chuckle. Firstly, I wonder if this person realizes he basically is indicating the Aboriginees are less evolved, by his argument. Secondly, whether evolution is fact or fiction, this guy truly was experiencing something from our real, ancient past. It’s called progression, not evolution, in this case. I’m sure this guy felt very enlightened typing this all out, though, despite the fact that it was kind of silly.

(I can’t help but wonder sometimes if hundreds of years down the road, the theory of evolution will be compared to when all of civilization considered it a scientifically proven fact that the world was flat….)

I know, not my usual post at all. Sorry. lol.
Here, have something cute:

The precious child was rubbing chocolate ice cream all over her sweet little self. Children amaze me some days.

Please don’t barrage me with arguments for evolution, you and I both know neither of us are going to budge any time soon so there is no point on arguing, yes? Fortunatly/unfortunatly I am a fairly educated little ‘churchie’ (as the neighbourhood kids used to call us) so we really could argue until Kingdom Come. So instead, let’s agree to disagree.

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