A Whole New Me … Less is More!

My husband is an awesome photographer, no? this is the best picture he got. lol.

OK, so, brace yourself. I’m about to boldy and honestly go where not a lot of women boldy and honestly go. I’m going to post. My. Real. Weight. First of all, you may guess. People are more than allowed to guess my weight. Feel free to click the above picture and take a guess, seriously. Why? Because I carry it well. Which doesn’t mean I should carry it, but I do.
Okay. No more drama. Here it is. I probably wouldn’t post it at all if there wasn’t a clear downward pattern. This is from Wii Fit, if you’re curious.
Yup, it’s currently just over one hundred and ninety pounds. You can see the last four months, and I started at one ninety eight point eight. (fractions are important when you’re that high up.)Right now, I have four more pounds to lose until I’m out of the “danger zone.” That’s right kids, according to my BMI, I’m obese. Technically, according to my doctor, at this point I am just overweight. My doctor knows also though that a lot of that weight comes from my bones. We be talkin HEFTY. Built strong to last long, even. But still, going down that level in the chart is going to feel GREAT.

I’m not dieting, binging, or doing anything crazy. I’m trying to get in at least half an hour a day of excercise. Often it is just step, also today was also lots of running because I’m pushing to get that last four pounds off in the next two weeks. Jump that hurdle! Jump it! But yeah, thus far I’ve done what I’ve done while eating ice cream, pizza, and burgers at least once a week. Each. (which is why I’m so confident I can do this push – I can handle two weeks of staying off the crack. I mean, calories.)

Lookit my lil butt there. I wouldn’t mind not losing any of my butt at all. I’m kind of fond of it. I’m young enough yet that gravity has left it alone.

Technically these are not before pictures, since my before was a couple inches bigger and with a less defined waist. I’m losing the weight pretty gracefully, I must say. Perhaps because I’m doing it so ‘right’… I’ve gone on bad-for-you diets and stuff before and normally the first thing I do is my butt falls off. 😦 Gut + No Butt = BOOOOO!.
So, uh, it only took two years for me to start losing the ‘baby weight’ ! (and by baby weight i mean i was five pounds above my wedding weight a month after I had her cos I was AWESOME. and then i stopped being awesome. For two years.)
I won’t ask who else is trying to be healthier because that is a Stupid Question. Who else is SUCCEEDING????!!!
(tomorrow or later today I’ll share some pictures and experiences from my week as a counsellor at a special needs camp.)

2 thoughts on “A Whole New Me … Less is More!

  1. Have you looked at ? It's a good free site that helps you track exercise & food, plus lots of other tools. I lost about 30 lbs after my 1st son (went great until I got pregnant in the middle of it!)

    Recent blog:=- Make a Pretty Petal Backpack


  2. Yeah, I was using sparkpeople for a while, and then I got bored of it. LOL.
    Simple as possible seems to work best for me. So, basically right now it's a matter of 'work out. every day during naptime. if you miss it, don't beat yourself up and / or give up. Just work out again the next day.'


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