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technically, yes…

Okay, so instead of catching up on housework now that I’m feeling better, I am playing around with code and technical things. I changed the comments system, and for some reason I’m having a hard time making it pull up all previous comments which, boo, but regardless this should make it even easier for everyone to comment. I know blogger can be a boor when it comes to posting a comment. This baby should be more click-click-boom. Plus you can facebookconnect if that is your heart’s desire. Not like that’s all I did today, I did my first tw*nkletw*nkle mail drop. Watch for your package, Shelley! 😀

And more goodies for the evening, I’m also trying to see what I can do to set up blogging on my cell phone. I won’t likely have that many posts from my cell but it might be kind of fun once in a while, my new LG Keybo can take pretty decent sized pictures so if I’m out and about and spot something fun, I can share with the class.

Speaking of sharing with the class, book yourselves a party with your nearest Norwex consultant, kids. Now, I realize I am judging Norwex consultants as a whole based on mine (Karen) but I just got something like $180+ in products for $20 after having my party, with help from Karen. We’re talking the mini mop kit, rubber brush, laundry detergent, kitchen cloth 3pack, antibac enviro cloth, antibac body pack, blue Window cloth, plus the odour neutralizer and Sanira. And I mean, my bill comes to less than $20, most of that stuff was hostess bonuses. Wait, what am i doing ending that sentence with a period. I meant “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” If you don’t know what Norwex is, it’s environmentally friendly, kid friendly, pet friendly products. At first glance it doesn’t look budget friendly, but then when you realize how much you dilute everything, or that those cloths and mops work with just water and you don’t need many of them, well. W.E.L.L. Budget friendly indeed. Budget friendly like cloth diapers – maybe an up front investment, but a large savings in the long run. Plus just better for your family and for the world at large. So get ye to and find yourself a consultant. And, um, I’m not a consultant. Just to put that out there. And I won’t ever be one, I wouldn’t try to compete with Karen in a million years, and she’s got most everyone I know quite happy. haha. So, this is 100% a customer/mom endorsement. I LOVE NORWEX. YOU WILL TOO. Karen leant me some cloths to try when she realized I never had really tried them before. LOVE. I FELL IN LOOOOOVE. So much better than my ‘it’s just fine’ microfibre cloths I already had/have. I kept making my hubby sniff the cloths to see how they didn’t stink even though I’d been using them for two days already.

Anyways, I shouldn’t rave on much longer. Just get yourself a consultant. Try the products. I swore I’d never be a norwex crazy like everyone else. But Karen knew, oh she knew, once I came to a party and tried the stuff… I’m forever hers now. ;D haha.

One thought on “technically, yes…

  1. hello sunshine, just testing. You don't even need to login to anything, just need an email address to prove you're real. fantabulous.


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