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Strategizing for Kids Clothes Week

It’s Kids Clothes Week, Fall Edition! To be honest, it snowed a bit last night, so fall isn’t going to last much longer around here.

kid's clothes week

But fall, winter, no matter. Long sleeves, items that can be layered, and comfy cozy… those are the names of the game! Not to mention deeper, richer colours. Personally I’m putting a few dashes of dark purple and some golden mustard in there, for sure.

Right now I’m actually looking to my kids’ wardrobes for inspiration. I’m using items they already own and love for inspiration for shape and fit and making them new items to refresh their wardrobes while staying safely within the zone of stuff I know works. I’m planning on using a lot of knits for items like Go To Leggings, Bimaa sweaters, and self drafted peasant tunics and long sleeve t’s. I’m also planning on tossing in some woven dresses and possibly also some slacks. I’m not sure where I think I’m going to find all this spare time to get this all done in seven days, but the point is to work on it and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Taking a cue from Max California I’m planning on mostly cutting during the day, which is my least favourite task but easily one I can do with my kids around. Sewing and pressing require a little more focus and call for me to be in my craft room (or drag my sewing machine upstairs to the kitchen, which I’ve done in a pinch before.) but this will be a lot less disruptive to the flow of the family. Olivia is actually getting to a point where if I allow her to watch a show during Jackson’s nap I can sneak some sewing in there, too! jackson

random speed painting of JackJack in lieu of relevant photo

I’m also planning on utilizing slow cooker meals or meals I’ve prepped already and frozen. I’m not sure if I mentioned it here but on Instagram I shared that two weeks ago I made between 2 and 4 of several meals and froze them so I could sail through the rest of the month and avoid rough days ending in pizza. Pizza has a time and a place, movie nights would be my preference! That plan has been going GREAT and I’m definitely planning on restocking my meal supply again next week.

Lastly, I’m giving potty training Olivia another go. This has nothing to do with KCW but I just wanted you all to pat my hand sympathetically, knowing that there is likely a lot of nasty laundry in my future. She’s being pretty obliging so far though, so maybe third fourth fifth who cares time is the charm. Her ‘digestive issues’ seem pretty settled lately so here’s hoping!

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