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Impressed to be Dressed

Oh man, I blinked and two months passed! Or maybe I fell asleep. Probably I was wading through life with 5 kids and homework and bedtimes and naps and chores and fighting and feeding and loving. Fall is a busy season at work and at school, so why not add a baby in the mix, right? And of course some sewing! 

We’ll start with some sewing and some growing, here. 

Hunter gained about a pound a week after getting past the initial hump of figuring this whole breastfeeding thing out. On the left is his smallest size, and on the right six weeks later. The NB size Brindille&Twig Drawstring Leggings got him through the first 6 weeks just fine! On the left is a NB onesie from Carter’s, on the right 6m! Ha! But it was time for an upgrade, and after comparing some hand me down pants that fit well I went with the same pattern in a 3-6m, as well as their free hoodie pattern in the same size. I love how it all turned out, but I’ll add a little width to the pants next time and a little length to the hoodie to accommodate my chubby bunny’s unique shape and size. The best part about sewing! 

I’ve much preferred sewing to shopping lately. I find myself getting upset over things like a $50 plaid skirt for little girls that is literally just a gathered waistband skirt and the plaid is terribly crooked. Or “knee length” skirts that are knee length on a 6 year old and pretty much booty shorts in the size 10. (The description says knee length, children’s place. Get it together.) 

Another nice thing about sewing is that when something doesn’t fit right, you think about how to alter the pattern to suit you, rather than when you try something on in a store and wind up thinking about what you want to change about yourself. 

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want to get my postpartum fitness on. But it shouldn’t have anything to do with my clothes, am I right? 

Hunter’s chubby little feeties poking out of these tiny little cuffs drive me absolutely mad with adoration. I love some cute little socks and shoes but tiny bare feet, be still my heart! 

I have a few more things to post, including some variations of this and my current selfish sewing obsession – the Lane Raglan with ninja nursing hack, and an overview of how I do it. Bye for now, though! 

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