It’s a White Christmas!


  017 Given that I live somewhere that is commonly referred to in sitcoms when making jokes about cold, snowy places… I never thought I would have an exclamation point behind a statement about a white Christmas. But thus far we’ve had the bitter cold we’re famous for but only a smattering of snow, enough to finally make it bright in my house again (a little sun reflecting off of a lot of snow makes a biiiiig difference) but not enough that you couldn’t see the dead grass poking up.019

Just yesterday, though, all this snow rolled in! So we’ ve popped it into 4×4 on the SUV (and then popped it out again, cos really, we can handle this stuff without it, what a waste of gas) and pulled out the shovels.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I don’t know what you’re all up to today, but we’re learning about Christ’s birth (or trying to… so far we’ve established “Jesus’ birth…” “JESUS SAKE AMEN????!” and that today is Jesus’ birthday. “No, it’s Nicole’s birthday!” “No, your birthday is in July. Today is Jesus birthday.” “Oooooohh…” (sad and dejected) “You can still keep your presents. Everyone gets presents on Jesus birthday!” “YESSS!!!”)

I think next year we’ll have a bit more luck. I’m looking forwards to seeing her face light up with comprehension as she grasps what Christmas is really about!

And for supper, back to Grandma’s house we go (we were there last night to open gifts) for Christmas Dinner! I’m pretty lucky, I’ve been doing Christmas Eve gifts and Christmas Day dinner at my parents for 23 (or i guess 24, since i’m an october baby!) years now and my hubby sees no reason to change that!


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL…. well, lots and lots of sweating to work off all this holiday joy, if you’re anything like me. sigh.

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