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Hey Howdy Ho Blog Title

It’s amazing to me that I don’t get paid just to write blog titles, first of all.

Thirdly, I had the flu. (I skipped second just to be contrary, because it’s been that kind of week.)

The flu bug only really took me down for about 24 hours, but that kind of overlapped with the end of a day in which we had had company plus most of the next day. If you are a mom, or if you have ever had a mom or experienced one from a distance, you may have noticed that when moms get sick, the house pretty much explodes. Sets on fire, practically.

Anyways, I’ve been taking forever (read: four days) to get my energy levels back up and back on top of my housework most of the way. If you follow me on instagram (which I have been on again for all of five days, also) you’ll be aware of the following: (and as such, this will be the most boring blog post ever)

[object Object]lorchick

This happened. Goodbye, android. Since my husband did it (well, I did the first crack, but he finished the thing off while I was at church) he replaced it with a phone of my choice. Iphone 4~! “But Androids can do more.” “But I don’t want to do more.” I’m too lazy old for this new technology nonsense.

I had a really, really good mail day. The Puppets book is for Nicole and the rest are all for ME! Funny thing is, Sew U is my second copy; the book is always on loan so I bought a second to keep as a reference. I actually have Sew U Knits as well. I la-la-LOVE craft/sewing books, such eye candy! Huge craft book sale at and I scored good.

These are not for me, because my husband doesn’t want me to be happy  loves his best friend more than me didn’t know I liked Bon Jovi so he didn’t even ask. I am going to take off with them  hope he gets stampeded by a herd of anteaters hope he has a good time out with his best buddy.

Nothing to see here. Move along, move along. (I took putting off doing the folding and putting away to a whole new level by sitting opposite of it and taking a picture of it. Turns out no amount of instagram filter can make unfolded laundry look pretty.)

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I baked bread. More than once, actually. I won’t buy bread anywhere but Costco, and only a specific type. But I did not feel like going to Costco this week, to the extend that I actually have baked bread twice just to get out of it. I am avoiding work to the extent that I actually go to twice the amount of effort required to do that work as it would take to just go already.

Speaking of Olivia, guess what she’s saying in this picture? “I am two!” That’s right, she finally is actually two years old! It feels kind of anticlimatic. She couldn’t POSSIBLY still be due for her terrible twos to start. Right? RIGHT??!!!!

So, happy birthday to my wascally wabbit, my silly monkey, the thorn in my side but the rose in my cheeks. She is the most exciting thing to ever happen to us (hopefully) and we are so blessed to have her (seriously) … she sure makes life interesting but she loves us so hard and we love her straight back!
She’s trouble and a half and the most creatively naughty child BUT she is SO OBEDIENT at the same time. Counting to three WORKS for this kid. She’s not sure what happens after two but she doesn’t want to find out!
She is so very generous – if I try and give her a treat on the down-low, she demands one for Nicole as well (an unwavering loyalty that does NOT go both ways, sorry to say.)
She is more persistent than most adults I know (to my chagrin) and boy howdy, does she like to be naked (to my consternation.)
She keeps our (extended)family rolling with laughter, not to mention many of our friends. Untameable hooligan that she is, Chris and I are pretty happy that she’s ours. We just have to give each other pep talks once in a while. You’re the boss! You’re in control of the situation! She knows it and doesn’t like it, is all! (all false, probably, but we like to pretend.) And hey, I don’t have two under two any more! That means it’s all easy peasy from here, right?

At least until puberty hits?

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