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2013 DIY Roundup Video

I briefly considered rounding up my projects from 2013 into a regular blog post. The thing is, many of my favourite projects are yet unblogged, as awful as that is, because I never got or made an opportunity to take photos I felt justified them. Instead I opted to create a quick round up video to share.


Some of my favorite but unblogged projects are the topsy turvy quilt I created for Olivia, the Penelope Peplum Top I tested for See Kate Sew (my husband and I rarely seem to be in the same place at the same time during the limited daylight hours Winnipeg has in winter, but I am bound and determined to blog that yet, even if I have to use my dress form.) and the quilt (and matching set of gifts) I made for my little Heart Warrior buddy Maverick (the fabric bundle I used for that pictured below.) For knitting, there was Shannon’s Dreiecke Hat and Mallory Cowl – which is pictured partway through, I never even photographed it finished on my iPhone. Pfft.  Not to mention my girls matching winter dresses! It seems like the only time I actually get a photographed blog post up of a sewing project is when it’s for a guest post or blog tour, partly because I don’t want to be shmuck and partly because I have a deadline. I need to treat my own stuff like it’s deadlined! I am still hoping to blog all of those things, if nothing else.


This, my friends, is what prevents me from even aspiring to be a Big Blogger. I’m so unprofessional. Maybe in my 30’s I’ll be a grown up. Don’t tell my kids I’m not. They probably suspect it already, I’ve missed a birthday party and a school deadline for Nicole in the last three days alone. But we also had family time, and ballet, and I helped out a friend for a day, and got baby snuggles. I try not to let myself get too wound up in the balls I’ve dropped, there are so many and it’s not possible to keep them all in the air all the time, especially if I’m too busy bemoaning what I’ve messed up when I should be keeping things flying as best I can. All I can do is try, and I can change the future but not what’s already done!


I have a pretty big project in the works right now and I’m definitely dropping a few balls because of it… but it will totally be worth it when Baby V #4 arrives in August! I’m feeling back in good form again already so I’m hoping to get caught back up on home and blog front! Nobody reads blogs anymore at Christmas time anyways, right?

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